Being Pregnant Doesn’t Mean You Have To Stop Working Out & Lose Your Fit Body As Long As You Follow The These Pregnancy Training Protocols…

The Secret to Getting An Even Better Body After Having A Baby…In Record Time!


Dear Fit Mom To Be,


Now that you have received the exciting news that you are expecting, I bet you have dozens of questions and concerns running through your mind such as:

Will being pregnant negatively impact my workouts?

How will I know what changes I need to make to my exercise routine?

I’m really nervous about keeping my baby safe when I workout.

Don’t lift anything over 10 lbs – Don’t lie on your Back – Don’t do Squats…so what CAN I do?

What if I end up on bed-rest by doing something wrong?

I do not want to lose my body…back fat, arm pit fat, bigger hips…what if  ‘blow up like a balloon?’

If I may jump in and say…I know EXACTLY how you feel.

The morning I found out I was going to have another baby I was filled with immense joy as I thought about expanding my family. Tyler was about to have a baby brother or baby sister, and oh what an amazing brother he would be. Since Patrick came into our lives when Tyler was about 3 years old, this was his first experience with pregnancy and a newborn baby…it’s funny that expecting moms are said to “have that glow”…well Patrick was absolutely beaming! This would be his parent’s first grandchild too! So many wonderful hopes and dreams and wishes!

At the same time that I was filled with ‘over the moon enthusiasm’, I was suddenly struck with worry… “What about my workouts?  I’ve been working so hard to achieve and maintain a lean, fit body….now what?”

Then of course all the feelings came rushing through my mind about gaining weight, being nauseous, feeling drained, no energy and having uncontrollable cravings …Oh yeah, and the flashback of gaining FIFTY POUNDS like I did with my first pregnancy….Oh MY!

But, then I stopped, took a deep breath, and collected myself…

“Being fit, strong and pregnant is not going to be a problem,” I said to myself“I now know and have lived the ‘SECRET’!  I’ve done my research.  I’ve helped tens of thousands of moms get their pre-baby bodies back over the past 7+ years.  I’ve built the Fit Yummy Mummy brand by doing so I can and will do the exact same thing for myself and show moms first hand what they can do and what is possible!

Actually, it was a summary of these very feelings that inspired me to be able to create a pregnancy workout plan to help YOU today…

Up until now, many of the Fit Yummy Mummy programs have focused on helping busy moms get in the best shape of their lives AFTER having a baby.  The theme has always centered around getting your pre-baby body back after you lost it.   And based on hundreds of success stories, the FYM programs have absolutely worked wonders.  Just take a look at some of the results moms have shared with me over the years…






The Ultimate ‘Get Your Body Back’ Secret

Those stories I just shared with you are super inspiring, aren’t they?

Well, as an expecting mom I KNOW you can be our next Fit Yummy Mummy Success Story and you’re going to amaze yourself.

I’m going to give you the ULTIMATE SECRET right now to getting in the best shape of your life after you have your baby and do it faster than ever!

To get an even better body after you have your baby and bounce back faster than ever is to stay fit, stay active and stay strong throughout your pregnancy.

Okay, so not a Secret…however, based on all the contradictory, outdated information, rumors and old wives’ tales that are perpetuated by many pregnancy resources, it can be quite confusing and frustrating to even know where to begin along with what you can do.

Great news is that I am here to help you!





Today Only $69.95

***I understand that this is an online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.


Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times of your life and it ends with one of the most special moments you’ll ever have…something you’ll cherish forever.  But, between now and then can also be a really trying time, one that will test your body and your mind…

  • DON’T use pregnancy as your excuse to stop working out!
  • DON’T let fear of doing something wrong be an excuse to stop working out!!
  • Definitely DON’T think being pregnant means you have to gain a bunch of unwanted weight and your body will never be the same again!

The benefits of prenatal exercise are undisputed.

Today, we know that exercise has TREMENDOUS BENEFITS during pregnancy, labor and delivery as well as for the health of growing babies.  Exercise has been proven to give you more restful sleep and more energy to go during the day.  The right type of exercise (when done correctly) will increase your strength, endurance and stamina – all of which are important in the delivery room, by the way!

News Flash… if this is your 1st pregnancy you must know ahead of time that labor and delivery works every muscle in your body — even muscles you didn’t know you had. (Not to mention you’ll spend the next year carrying a car seat/infant/diaper bag everywhere you go). This is why it is important to focus on full body, strength training exercises.

As long as your pregnancy isn’t considered high-risk, doing strength training is completely safe. Yes, even if you are new to this type of exercise, it is to yours and your baby’s benefit to ease into workouts that focus on strength and overall fitness, and to ensure you are doing it properly.

BUT, let’s be real for a second… working out can be really hard to do when you are pregnant – especially if you are not sure about what you’re doing or if you are following an ineffective program.

Pregnancy definitely changes things when it comes to your workouts. You must expect to deal with things like:

  • Changing shape and gaining weight – your body is constantly changing which affects your balance and coordination
  • Morning sickness – it’s hard to feel like working out when you feel like crap
  • Running to the bathroom constantly – need I say more?
  • Self-Image & Self-Confidence Issues – it’s hard to get motivated when you just feel so “not yourself”
  • Fatigue…LOTS of fatigue – DEEP fatigue – there are going to be days where getting out of bed is going to be enough work… you can forget about trying to do a traditional workout when that happens!

Your pregnancy workouts MUST account for all of these changes your body is going through.  If it doesn’t, you simply won’t be able to stick with it.  And, don’t think for a minute that YOU failed.  NO – The ineffective program failed.

Abandoning your workouts while pregnant is simply a recipe for unwanted weight gain making it harder to lose after baby arrives, invites the notorious pregnancy aches and pains, negatively impacts your self-esteem and literally steals the joy of being pregnant!

This is not how it has to be for you.

You can now ease your fears and concerns of staying fit and strong while you are expecting.

‘Fit Yummy Mummy To Be’ Is Designed
With All These Factors In Mind
Giving You The Pregnancy Workout Blueprint
So You Can Get Started With Confidence Today!


Today Only $69.95

***I understand that this is an online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.


Here’s another great perk you will receive with the Fit Yummy Mummy To Be Online Video Workout System… I FILMED IT WHILE I WAS PREGNANT.

This is more than a workout program based on theory.  With Fit Yummy Mummy To Be I not only use proven methods based on scientifically researched pregnancy training protocols I also take you through the workouts step-by-step.  That’s right, you’re going to follow along with me as I workout through all three trimesters – we’ll be growing, getting fit and getting stronger…together!

Take a Look at What You Get with
The Fit Yummy Mummy To Be
Online Video Workout System
  • Specialized Follow-Along Strength Training Workout Videos for Your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimesters
    • Each workout video has a “Learn It” segment that breaks down how to properly perform each exercise so you know the exact form to use along with modifications.
    • During the “Do It” video segments we will workout together through every minute and every repetition. I give you cues, breathing tips and the motivation you need in order to guide you through an effective strength based workout plan.
  • Level 1 & Level 2 Workouts to Accommodate For Your Personal Fitness and Energy Levels
  • Workouts Range From 5 – 20 Minutes So You Always Have A Go-To Option Available
  • Access 12 Full Body Workouts in All, 4 per Trimester Giving You Plenty Of Flexibility Throughout Your Entire Pregnancy
  • Downloadable Success Guide Outlining Must Have Workout Guidelines along with Printable Workout Logs and BONUS Additional Fit Pregnancy Tips & Strategies

Best of all, these workouts are designed to be performed in the comfort of your own home, using minimal exercise equipment (all you need are a couple dumbbells, a band, yoga mat, stability ball, and bench or step).  There’s no need to trek to your local gym, especially as you get further along. The workouts are designed to be quick and efficient ranging from 5 – 20 minutes each.  You can complete a workout in less time than it would take you to “get yourself together” and go to the gym!

“IS THAT ENOUGH?” you might ask…  ABSOLUTELY!

In fact, take a look at MY Personal RESULTS from following the Fit Yummy Mummy To Be program.  You can see, this program has been tested AND proven…BY ME!  I know it works firsthand!!



As you can see, Fit Yummy Mummy To Be is a PROVEN pregnancy workout system, not one drawn up by a personal trainer at a desk who’s never even been pregnant!


Get Started on your Fit Yummy Mummy To Be
Workouts And Receive These Exclusive
fym_to_be_video_bonus (1)

Video Bonus #1:  Special Delivery ‘Prep Program’

Strengthen your abs and pelvic floor to prepare for a positive delivery experience. Learn about the key muscles needed for labor and delivery, how to keep these muscles strong throughout your pregnancy and how to begin the recovery process once your baby arrives.

Video Bonus #2:  My Personal Pregnancy Video Diary

While I was pregnant with Alexander, I documented my experience in a series of videos. This is my private video journal, previously only seen by members of the private ClubFYM forums. In each video I share not only my progress, but share my personal reflections and strategies along with running a business, caring for my family and being a busy mom.  A total of 15 videos ranging from Week 13 to 38 covering topics such as….

  • dealing with fatigue
  • hiccups
  • weight
  • inches
  • workouts
  • benefits of clean eating
  • upper body strength
  • belly breaths

What better way to summarize what a great resource this is than sharing a comment made from an FYM who followed my pregnancy journal….

“I just spent the last half hour reading through your pregnancy journal, catching up with your pregnancy journey videos! You are glowing, and it’s fun to read about all the things you are doing to stay fit and keep on track, all the while taking care of Alexander Matthew (and everything else you have to do!)!”

– FYM Barby

Bonus #3:  6-Week Postpartum Bounce Back Workout Video

For over 7 years now this has been my specialty.  I know EXACTLY what it takes to get an even better body back after having a baby. You’ll be amazed at how efficient and effective this bounce back plan is.  It’s perfect for the super-busy mom of a newborn!

Take Action Now
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Act Now and you will receive all 12 Fit Yummy Mummy To Be Trimester-Specific Workouts, The Special Deliver Prep Program Video, My Personal Pregnancy Video Diary, and the 6-Week Postpartum Bounce Back Workout Plan for ONLY $99.95.

Today Only $69.95

***I understand that this is an online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.


And, to give you the extra confidence you need, I’m going to give you a very SPECIAL One Year MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.  I want you get The Fit Yummy Mummy To Be Workout System and ALL the Bonuses today. Use it throughout your pregnancy and even postpartum.  Then, if you’re not completely satisfied with your results, I welcome you to contact me and return it for FULL REFUND.  How’s that for NO RISK?


Congratulations once again on your pregnancy!

This is a time for you to take care of yourself, listen to your body and most of all enjoy every second of your journey.

I look forward to sharing my Fit Yummy Mummy To Be workouts with you.

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P.S. – Being pregnant is one of the most blessed times of a woman’s life.  It doesn’t have to come with massive amounts of unwanted weight gain, discomfort, and self-image issues.  Join me today and become a Fit Yummy Mummy To Be.


Today Only $69.95

***I understand that this is an online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.


FitYummyMummyToBe provides information for educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or a medical examination. FitYummyMummyToBe advises you to seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health-care professional prior to participating in any new workout program.